Pierre-Nicolas Mauger

Pierre-Nicolas Mauger, MSc

Project Consultant

Pierre-Nicolas has over 12 years of experience in conducting fire safety engineering studies, mainly regarding smoke venting for numerous complex projects (train stations, arenas, car parks, hospitals, industrials buildings).  His numerical simulation skills have been as well applied to evaluate industrial process safety or in support of fire testing and fire investigations. He has worked on projects in France, the US and Canada. 

He has also acquired a strong field experience in fire investigations and in 1:1 scale fire testing to evaluate efficiency of gaseous extinguishing systems. 

Pierre-Nicolas had a leadership role on developing French ASPAD R13 (gaseous fire extinguishing systems) standard and participated in various French and European work groups supporting the evolution of APSAD R17 (smoke venting), CEA 4008 (inert gases) and CEA 4045 (halocarbon gases) standards.

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