Geoff Triggs

Geoff Triggs, P.L.Eng.

Regional Leader, Canada West

Geoff has worked as a professional building code and fire protection consultant in the design/construction industry for over 30 years, accumulating an extensive array of experience on all building types. He has had the opportunity to consult on and contribute to many of the leading examples of architectural design excellence and innovation projects in British Columbia.

Specific industry sectors that Geoff is involved with as building code consultant/advisor include mixed-use residential, mass-timber infill, cultural/First Nations, museums and museum research/archive facilities, institutional, recreational/sport, government/AHJ-related services and existing building/heritage projects. As a long-time mass timber/wood building advocate and specialty building code consultant, Geoff continues to pursue the advancement of these sustainable construction materials in modern building codes and new building designs.

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