Meet the Team

Friendly, experienced, knowledgable

Our experienced staff have extensive experience in building construction and code compliance and are readily familiar with the approach and procedures in addressing regulatory compliance. This knowledge helps us to obtain building and occupancy permits and helps our clients to realize projects on schedule.

The consulting team at SenezCo has been in the Code consulting industry for over 20 years and has worked on numerous transportation projects in Canada and internationally. Our people are members of, or are involved with, the USA Technical Committee responsible for the ongoing development of the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Fixed Guideway and Passenger Rail Systems, commonly known as NFPA 130.

The value of our work is realized through our experience relating to building and fire code analysis and application, for a variety of structures. In addition, our expertise in fire engineering, system design, computer modelling, and fire investigation provides SenezCo with a unique perspective when approaching work in this specialized area.

Peter Senez

Peter Senez, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Principal & President Read Bio
Tony Cole

Tony Cole, P.E., CFPS, CFEI

Vice President, US Operations Read Bio
Andrew Coles

Andrew Coles, M.Eng., P.Eng., P.E.

Senior Engineer Read Bio
Corey Hanks

Corey Hanks, MS, NICET

Senior Fire Protection Consultant Read Bio
Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown, EIT, B.Eng.

Project Consultant Read Bio
Tony Chao

Tony Chao, EIT, B.A.Sc

Project Consultant Read Bio
Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice, CFEI, CFII, CVFI

Senior Fire Protection Consultant Read Bio
Mathilde Girault

Mathilde Girault, M.Eng., ing. PRT

Project Consultant Read Bio
Geoff Triggs

Geoff Triggs, P.L.Eng.

Regional Leader, Canada West Read Bio
Md Kamrujjaman

Md Kamrujjaman, P.Eng., CFPS, PMP

Project Engineer Read Bio
Sam E. Bosley

Sam E. Bosley, EIT, GSP

Fire Protection Engineer Read Bio
Iman Yavari

Iman Yavari, IntPE, PE, P.Eng., ing, PMP

Senior Engineering Leader – Transit & Systems Read Bio
Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb,

Fire Protection Consultant Read Bio
Cat Childers

Cat Childers, P.E.

Senior Fire Protection Engineer Read Bio
Matthew Shannon

Matthew Shannon, CFEI, CVFI, IAAI-FIT, CFI-III

Fire Protection Consultant Read Bio
Russ Bainbridge

Russ Bainbridge, P.E., CFPS

Senior Fire Protection Engineer Read Bio