Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plans

About SenezCoFire codes make building owners responsible for inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. Fire departments enforce the fire code requirements.

The fire code specifies that buildings be provided with a Fire Safety Plan to guide owners in setting up emergency response procedures, and in maintaining their fire protection installations. Fire Safety Plans must contain the information prescribed in the fire code and they must be reviewed and updated every year or when alterations are made to the building.

Fire safety plans for many buildings require only a standard approach, but those for larger more complex facilities present challenges related to the complexity of building systems and the complexity of emergency response procedures and staffing.

SenezCo staff have many years of experience in the preparation of fire safety plans for complex facilities, from information gathering to plan development to gaining the acceptance of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

When your building requires more than a standard approach to emergency planning, call SenezCo.