Design Services

About SenezCoWe take a holistic approach to the design of built environments considering stakeholder objectives and public safety. Our team of engineers have diverse experience in all sectors allowing us to anticipate challenges in design and regulatory compliance to provide solutions that are functional and robust.

With our expertise in computer analysis, integrated systems, control strategies, and operations, we provide a holistic solution that meets the end users’ functional needs. Our experience on a variety of projects provides a forward looking perspective to anticipate and manage risk.

Through the use of qualitative assessments to advanced computer models we are able to inform our clients of ways to improve circulation and maximize the customer experience. We bring a range of experience that allows for future proofing of assets as the world’s population is steadily growing so that the need for future changes are minimized.

  • Masterplan development and assessments
  • Client advisory services on site safety and security and risk management
  • Pedestrian and evacuation modelling assessment of buildings and sites
  • Emergency response and safety fire plans
  • Risk assessment
  • Fire suppression and fire alarm designs
  • Tunnel ventilation design
    • Tunnel network analysis with Subway Environment Simulator (SES)
    • Complex geometry smoke control studies with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) fire models
    • Emissions studies with Moves
  • Dispersion studies
  • Structural Fire Resistance
  • ULC-S1001 Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems