Building Code and Fire Code Compliance

Building Code and Fire Code Compliance

About SenezCoThe Building Code serves to protect public health, life safety and property protection related to the construction and occupancy of buildings and structures; the Fire Code addresses and enforces minimum requirements with respect to fire safety within and around buildings, to limit the loss of life and damage if a building fire occurs. 

Using our depth of knowledge and experience in both the Building and Fire Codes, the SenezCo team is able to assist designers, builders, contractors and developers to realize efficient and cost-effective solutions to achieve compliance with the Codes. Our team has extensive experience whether your project is a house, high rise, office building, school, student or senior residence, recreational facility, hospital or transit system.

Our range of Building and Fire Code services include:

  • Conceptual design review
  • Compliance assessment
  • Drawing review
  • Field review