About Us

Finding simple solutions to complex problems.

About SenezCoDedicated to science, SenezCo's focus on providing better fire engineering solutions for products, buildings, and forensic analyses provides leading direction on complex matters; facilitating stakeholder assessment and decisions. Through a combination of continuous technical advancement and forward thinking, the status quo is merely a launch platform for imagination, creative and critical thinking, combined with science and engineering as key tools to achieve results.

The SenezCo brand represents infinite solutions and the forward thinking vision in its logo, while combining the name-recognition S and the C into the logo. The orange and the blue combine fire and water while moving through time and space; fluidly visualizing fire engineering solutions to complex problems through adaptability and persistence.

In design, planning and construction, we bring real value through our practical experience with building codes and a creative approach to problem solving. After a fire, we are the forensic engineers of choice for complex investigations and in-depth analyses.